Our Expertise

The Waterson Garner Difference

Our Services


Identifying whitespace & growth platforms to redefine brands.

Modernized Portfolios

Helping business pivot and evolve for a new era

Whitespace Stretch

Helping business pivot and evolve for a new era

Future State Visioning

Creating category disruption

Opportunity Validation

Quantitative assessment and validation of consumer shifts and future needs


Crafting a bold vision and strategy to guide your brand’s next chapter.

Brand Growth

Identifying with who and how your brand can grow

Brand Modernization

Reimagining classic brands through a modern lens

Campaign Inspiration

Sharpening the inputs to a creative brief

New Brand Creation

Building a brand to grow in the white space

Retail Experiences

Reinventing brand touch points in modern retail

Innovation &

Creating new ways your brand fits into people's lives.

Brand Stretch

Expanding ways your brand fits into people’s lives

Technology Platforms

Translating technical breakthroughs into consumer meaning

Innovation Platforms

Product and service idea development and prototyping

HumanFluent Studios

Humanizing business with our specialized suite of Human Insight research, training, and communications services.

Foundational Insights

Deep consumer insights, frameworks, and storytelling

Training & Tools

Upskilling marketers and insights teams for more powerful insights

Learning Experiences

Custom videos, communications, and immersive experiences to bring the human experience inside

How We Work

Creative and Layered Learning

Creative and
Layered Learning

We design immersive research that examines the challenge from multiple angles, with intimate learning methods that illuminate the unarticulated forces at play.

Collaborative Co-Creation


We invite consumers and shapers into the idea development process, ensuring ideas are tracking with the real needs, tone, and aspirations of our target audiences.

Storytelling and Design

and Design

We have witnessed the power of narrative to turn insights into rally cries and ideas into action. We bring the power of story and graphic design into our deliverables so they stick and spread.


We believe ideas ignite when you can feel, see, touch, and hear them. We bring strategy and innovation to life with an expressive point of view that becomes the bridge to creative work.