Building a new snacking brand to make healthy snacks joyful again

Bringing Wellness Snacking To Millennial Women

The Challenge

The world’s leading packaged food company approached us with an ambitious ask: to design a better-for-you-snacking platform to strengthen the organization’s position and relationship with Millennial women. Our work aimed to define the white space and problems to solve in natural and better-for-you snacking to build a high-growth brand for Millennial women.

Bringing Wellness Snacking To Millennial Women

The Approach

Our approach focused on grabbing deep insights and revelations from the core consumer target by first commencing a learning sprint in the Wellness food mecca of Boulder, Colorado, where we educated ourselves on the mindsets, value systems, and reference points shaping modern attitudes and needs in wellness. This inspired a set of early concepts that were further shaped in co-creation sessions with Millennial women in Los Angeles.

Bringing Wellness Snacking To Millennial Women

The Opportunity

Our learning informed a new vision for cross-category snacking experiences, designed to deliver delicious and nourishing snacks in the whitespace of joyful nourishment. WG developed a new brand concept that integrates the joy of snacking with the delicious nourishment that helps women reframe what snacking means in their wellness philosophy.

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