Connecting beer to the life moments people want to create

Designing the Future of Beer Retail

The Challenge

A leading beer company wanted to partner with leading retailers in visualizing and executing a revolutionized beer shopping experience — one that brings emotion and experience into the aisle by designing for key “moments that matter” and growth occasions.

Designing the Future of Beer Retail

The Approach

Leveraging the company’s Moments that Matter foundational framework, WG met with visual merchandisers, influencers, tastemakers, entertaining gurus, and designers to uncover how to infuse the beer shopping experience with more soul. This actualized into bringing the moments of Relaxation, Connection, Socialization, and Celebration to life more fully across the company’s brands.

Designing the Future of Beer Retail

The Opportunity

WG developed a retail experience playbook across the Moments, working across key in-store and digital points of influence and channels to place beer in the context of the Moments consumers want to create. This was a disruptive shift from classic beer retail activation approaches, creating a platform of innovation and thought leadership for retail partnerships.

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