Designing an inspired path to purchase for the female decision maker

Reimagining Home Renovation

The Challenge

A home exteriors manufacturer had identified a new design target and brand vision to become a premium, female-focused brand in a traditionally functional and technical home exterior market. To understand how to transform the end-to-end brand experience, they needed to deeply understand her purchase journey.

Reimagining Home Renovation

The Approach

WG started by understanding the shifting aspirations and culture of home design and exterior expressions. This sharpened the learning needs to encompass the emotional, experiential, social, and rational aspects of a high-stakes home renovation for modern, empowered female homeowners. We plotted the patterns across consumer journeys to identify key intervention points for the brand to enable her success.

Reimagining Home Renovation

The Opportunity

WG brought each touchpoint opportunity to life through holistic brand experience concepts, showing how the brand can play a valuable role in her journey across the home renovation process. The work has inspired a new campaign and partnerships, as well as entered into the commercial innovation pipeline products to be designed for her home renovation needs and priorities.

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