From Data to Insight

The Challenge

A major grocery chain’s research team, comprised of data scientists and behavioral analysts, desired to balance its scientific roots with more human-centric and field-based approaches to research and insights.

From Data to Insight

The Approach

WG created a comprehensive training and hands-on learning program, completely customized to the unique culture, processes, and ways of working within the organization. The team was trained on a set of topics related to humanizing business, encompassing all aspects of the research value train. These included creating an “always on” approach to research, learning the modern methods of fieldwork, identifying and articulating insights, and driving winning business ideas.

From Data to Insight

The Opportunity

Qualitative research methods, anthropological approaches, and galleries of consumer videos and insights are now as commonplace in this grocery’s research as are spreadsheets and data. Our training has allowed the team to be integrated into strategies at the highest levels of the organization, transitioning the research team from a research supplier into a strategic partner.

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