Building a patient-centric model for tele-health

Expanding the Healthcare Portfolio

The Challenge

One of the fastest growing tele-health companies sought to expand access to superior medical care by deepening its offering in mental health services. But in the dynamic mental health market, it was critical to define the brand’s distinctive role and offering in the evolving behavioral health landscape.

Expanding the Healthcare Portfolio

The Approach

WG led a multi-lens investigation of the cultural forces shaping the modern behavioral health landscape. Then, through deep, empathic, virtual ethnographic techniques, we met with individuals on a mental health journey to understand the motivations, rewards, and obstacles, as well as the things that matter most to them in the context of therapy and care. Through a quantitative assessment, these validated insights informed a set of strategies for driving brand-leveraging distinction and relevance.

Expanding the Healthcare Portfolio

The Opportunity

The insights and strategies emerging from this work clarified a way forward for the organization to drive brand differentiation with payors and patients, hone its bench of clinicians, and design a more patient-centric approach to compassionate, effective mental health diagnosis and treatment.

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