Bringing Innovation to motor oil shelf offerings to step-change brand growth

Reimagining Retail Around the Oil Change

The Challenge

A leading motor oil company was facing a myriad of challenging headwinds for its Retail Lubricants business, illuminating the need for a portfolio of breakthrough product and service ideas that would lead the company to growth.

Reimagining Retail Around the Oil Change

The Approach

WG analyzed today’s lubricant market dynamics. trends, and retail experiences to identify inspiring opportunities for innovative growth. Through a multi-lens research approach, including expert interviews, analysis of primary and secondary reports, as well as in-market immersions with car care shoppers, we devised bold new ideas to push the retail experience to the forefront of category growth and innovation.

Reimagining Retail Around the Oil Change

The Opportunity

WG formulated a set of “ways in” that ultimately led to the creation of various DIY- and DIFM-targeted innovation platforms. From the top ideas designed to benefit retailers, key partners, and shoppers, the leadership team selected several to further develop for the market.

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