Renovating A Classic Cream Cheese

The Challenge

The iconic market-leading cream cheese brand, steeped in tradition and history, had been focused on a superiority positioning for years. However, they were losing share with their younger Millennial consumers and needed to reignite brand relevance for this critical growth target.

Renovating A Classic Cream Cheese

The Approach

WG conducted in-depth semiotic and metaphorical research with Millennial consumers to explore the range of experiences they desire from cream cheese. From this research emerged the transformational insight that Millennials often feel as if they are on auto-pilot, and cream cheese has the power to transport them into a sensory experience that reignites their ability to feel all the little joys in life. WG created a visionary new brand strategy including branding, packaging, and retail concepts that delivered on meeting these deeper consumer needs.

Renovating A Classic Cream Cheese

The Opportunity

This work inspired the successful breakthrough brand campaign “You Don’t Just Taste It. You Feel It,” which advertises cream cheese as an explosion of the senses that transports you into your own personal paradise. In addition, several new innovation and growth territories stemmed from our work are currently under development.

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