Helping a mainstream skincare brand authentically serve Black Women

Inclusive Beauty

The Challenge

A leading skincare brand was eager to deepen their relationship with Black women, and needed to build foundational insights as to the mindsets, needs, behaviors, and cultural codes of this key segment to lay a path for building brand relevance.

Inclusive Beauty

The Approach

WG immersed with Black skincare enthusiasts to understand the mindset, needs, and desired experiences Black women have with skin and skin care. Inviting them into a co-creation process, they helped shape ways the brand could credibly fulfill underserved benefit spaces and build a focused growth pipeline.

Inclusive Beauty

The Opportunity

By marrying the biological, cultural, and human elements of caring for melanin-rich skin, WG crafted a holistic innovation and relevance-building strategy for the brand. The culmination of our work included new product launches designed by and for women of color, paving the way for the brand to build a deep, lasting, and more meaningful relationship with Black women.

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