Cleaning Comes Alive

The Challenge

A cleaning brand needed to reimagine how their brand could differentiate through an elevated brand story and experience. From consumer segmentation, they knew their core female customer was not performance-driven, but they still needed to clarify the real benefit and outcome she was seeking.

Cleaning Comes Alive

The Approach

WG conducted in-depth semiotic and metaphorical research with the target consumer to explore the role of cleaning in her life. From this research emerged a rich foundational insight that unlocked new benefit territories for the brand to explore. WG then led an ideation workshop with the brand team to create branding, packaging, and retail concepts that delivered on unarticulated consumer needs.

Cleaning Comes Alive

The Opportunity

Stemming from our research insights and creative exploration, the brand developed a new Innovation Strategy and Brand Purpose, including an Innovation Pipeline that leveraged the ideas generated from the project. The brand’s newfound clarity of its consumers helped it realign itself with distinct desires and expectations, transforming cleaning into an experience rather than a chore.

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